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From Storm Repair to Quality Construction

Whether it’s the aftermath of a fierce storm, the sudden discovery
of leaks, or missing shingles, the signs are clear: your roof needs attention.

Neglecting roofing issues can not only lead to more extensive damage but can also compromise the safety and structural integrity of your home. We understand the urgency and importance of fast and reliable roof repairs. Our team of experts at Iowa Construction & Remodeling is committed to restoring your residential home swiftly and efficiently, ensuring peace of mind and the continued safety of your living space. Don’t let a minor issue escalate into a major concern—contact us today.

What We Do

At Iowa Construction & Remodeling, we understand the urgency and importance of prompt and reliable roof repair and replacement services. Our team of experts is committed to restoring your roof, siding, or other home damages swiftly and efficiently, ensuring peace of mind.

Residential Roofing Repair

Address the signs of wear and tear on your roof promptly to ensure the longevity and integrity of your home’s primary defense against the elements.

Residential Roofing Replacement

Ensure your home’s safety and curb appeal with a full residential roof replacement. We only use durable, high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship for a complete roofing transformation.

Storm Damage Repair

Quickly restore your home to its pre-storm condition with our Storm Damage Repair services, providing swift, thorough solutions to protect your property from further weather-related vulnerabilities.

How It Works

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In-Person Visit & Finalization

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

We love the size of the house since we are older with no steps. It is so nice having a bathroom in the master suite. A walk in closet. The giant size attached garage is awesome. I like the electric fireplace. Awesome having two bathrooms. Having the laundry room in the master suite.

Ruth and Glenn Firestone

When our Dental Clinic and City Library needed a roof replaced, Iowa Construction and Remodeling was there on the spot! They gave us a quote and had the job completed in 2 days! You wouldn't even know they were there if you had not seen them working! Good group to work with

Alisa T

Iowa construction did roofing for me and helped complete the remodeling of my house. I was very pleased with their prompt service and they’re willingness to listen to my ideas. The work was done well and in the time frame they said.

Duane B.